AFPI Global Investigations

(State of the Art Equipment)

Private Investigator, George Taylor, leans on state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to help solve your case

Detection & Debugging

Don't let your home or office be compromised

Detection & Debugging

Affair Investigations

(Actual Case Photo of Infidelity at Local Airport)

Cheating spouse caught on camera by Private Investigator George Taylor. This was used in divorce court.

Surveillance & Bug Sweeping

(Actual Image of Hidden GPS Found in Clients Car)

Here's an actual

Rest Easy When You Know the Truth.


Finding hidden cameras and listening devices in your home or office

Is someone tracking or listening to you or do you need to retreive deleted texts or pictures?

Could locating a person be the last critical piece to your legal case?

Are you worried that your partner may be cheating on you?
Do you have your doubts about a workers' compensation claim?
Do you suspect someone is spying on you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider hiring AFPI Global & Affair Investigations in Roswell, GA, and the Atlanta Metro Area. Uncovering the truth can be challenging for the average person. Conducting an investigation can require a lot of time, discretion and professionalism. Before you attempt to handle an investigation on your own, and possibly compromise the mission, consult our expert team of investigators. We will work tirelessly to find the truth and gather the evidence that you need.

Put Your Trust in an Experienced Private Investigator


At AFPI Global & Affair Investigations we understand how stressful it can be when you're worried about infidelity, domestic issues or law suits. That's why our owner and Senior Investigator George Taylor and his team of investigators based out of Atlanta, GA, are dedicated to providing personalized, professional and discreet investigative services that you can rely on. George and his team have extensive experience with finding and recording the truth and answering those questions to win cases. Count on his experience to tackle any investigation you have in mind.

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We will work tirelessly to find the truth and gather the evidence that you need.

Rely on us to provide assistance with the following:

Background checks

Computer/cell phone forensics

Corporate security

Counter measures/bug sweep

Executive protection

Missing persons

SIU investigations

Asset/due diligence searches

Fraud investigations

Parent help program

Locating persons of interest

Child neglect

Child endangerment

DNA testing


Drug testing

Domestic background checks

Elder abuse

Skip trace

Employee interview analysis


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