AFPI Global Investigations provides outstanding services. We required troubleshooting expertise in our office environment. George was able to meet with our employees and identify areas of employee conflict. With his advise and recommendations we were able to build our team to focus on better customer service and growing our team.

George was very helpful and knowledgeable in identifying areas of weakness which was not immediately obvious to our staff.

Our Company is now working at a higher rate of productivity and professionalism thanks to George and AFPI Global Investigations.

Human Resource Director

Helen, GA

I highly recommend George at AFPI Global Investigaton. He is amazing!! My child's father is a civilian contractor and in the state of GA you must have the person served in order to receive child support. He was deliberately avoiding me, knowing what I had in store for him. Since he has no bills and bounces from girl to girl it was very difficult to locate him with the time allotted before he redeployed back to Afghanistan. George was able to help me locate him and get him served. He is very dedicated to his clients and keeps you updated as he receives information or there are changes in the situation.

Brittany K.

"I could not have asked for a better Private Investigator, than AFPI Global Investigations. Investigator Taylor follows through with your requests in a timely and efficient manner. My case was not considered easy, especially going through a divorce, however add to it a potential child endangerment situation can be extremely difficult. George provided all surveillance and detailed information I needed to keep my child safe. Investigator Taylor verified by video surveillance, my child was not being cared for in safe manner. He stepped me through every step of the way, and in the end, helped my success with full custody of my child and helped conclude the steps to finalizing my divorce in my favor."

Rachel T.

"My experience with AFPI Global Investigations was all-around excellent service. Mr. Taylor was very precise in detail in explaining step by step each process while also given an accurate timeline of when the next step would take place. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner. He always made sure to update me during the whole process, which was great because I never had to worry about not getting in contact with him. Throughout the whole process I was given great feedback to any questions that I may have had a particular time. Overall, everything you want and expect from a business and organization like this was provided to me. I never had to stress whether something would get done or if I was in good hands or not. Overall, I would recommend their services to anyone."

Brenton C.

"To whom it may concern, I had contacted this agency to find my father. My parents divorced years ago when they where stationed overseas. Within a couple of days, with the few information I was able to provide , my father had been found and we since then have been reconnected . I am very happy that after all these years of not knowing it only took one phone call to have found him. My family and I are very appreciative and thankful for the great service this amazing company has provided to us and especially in such short time."

Chanti L.

"I would highly recommend this company. They are very prompt and very thorough in what is asked of them. Very professional."

"Mr. Taylor is one of the most competent private investigators that I have met through my selection process of hiring an investigator. His background along with years of experience has separated him from his competitors. His evidence gathering with video documentation is outstanding and leaves no escape from the truth for the opposing side."

Mitzi S.

"Mr. Taylor was very prompt and professional. He gave me all the information I asked for and more. Thank you!"

"George at Affair Investigations got the answers I needed to make a heartfelt decision to move on. He was compassionate and kept me informed. Thank you for helping me start my life over!"

Eric S.

"I contacted George at AFPI Global Investigations after suspecting my wife might be seeing someone else. To make a long story short, within a couple days, George had photos of my wife out to lunch with another man, his identity, address, place of employment, and residence. George also helped me install some software on my computer that captured her emails to and from this new friend of hers. Turns out she had been having an affair with this guy for several months. Thanks to George, I had the evidence I needed to confront her with divorce papers. I had such strong evidence against her she immediately moved out and didn’t bother to contest the divorce. I highly recommend AFPI Global investigations. Thank you for such a professional and efficient job."

Scott E.

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